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Paula Clermon Pean

Paula CLERMONT PEAN occupies a rather special place in the history of the Haitian cultural movement. Born in Cabaret (Haiti) and after her classical studies, she found herself in France then in the United States to devote herself to studies of Letters, Theater Sciences and Techniques, sociology of art and socio-economic animation. cultural.

In 1998, she participated in training in Management and Animation of local libraries at the Mortenson Center at the University of Illinois in Chicago (USA). She was part of the Fondation Connaissance et Liberté for the management and animation of libraries.

Founder of the Pyepoudre Cultural Center in 1989, an entertainment, training and public reading center, Paula has traveled extensively in Haiti, with the major concern of supervising young people from all social categories with a view to establishing networks cultural across the country. No break between rural and urban is advocated by her.

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Islande Baptiste

Islande Baptiste - May 20, 1962 - July 11, 2023

Islande Baptiste worked at the Fondation Connaissance et Liberte (FOKAL) from April 2013 until March 2022 as director of the Cultural Center Katherine Dunham’s library.Trained at the National Institute of Administration, Management and International Studies (INAGHEI), she was a manager. She worked at the Pyepoudre Cultural Center as administrator from 2002 to 2012. She was an active member of ACURIL and the local organizing committee for the 2012 and 2016 conference.

Islande Baptiste finished her career at the Katherine Dunham Library. of Martissant Park in Haiti. She very actively participated in forging this new universe to welcome curious readers from the neighborhood. She ran the library like the determined woman she was, with this deep desire to open the doors. She was an avid reader and passionately promoted public reading.

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